In Sickness and In Health

If there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s the dreaded “24-hour stomach virus”. For one thing, it’s never really 24 hours. Yes, the sickness may go away, but it usually takes me a solid three days to recover and feel like I can actually rejoin the human race again without being mistaken for a zombie. The other thing I hate is that you have no idea it’s coming. No warning at all. Most sicknesses, you can feel them coming on – a light sniffle, a slight ache, a gradual fever – but not this. At 10:00 PM you go to bed mentally organizing your to-do list for the next day and at 3:00 AM you realize nothing on that to-do list is going to see the light of day…for several days. I actually woke up Monday morning around 2:00 AM and knew that the sickness was inevitable, but I’m stubborn. So I fought it for a solid hour. But by 3:00 AM, there was no more fighting. What happened next brought tears to my eyes for two reasons. One, I HATE throwing up. Hate it. But two, as I’m finally giving in to this inevitable sickness, even with my eyes closed, I realize that my dear husband is standing in the doorway, just a few feet away from me. Yes, at 3:00 AM, at clearly one of my finest moments, there he is. There was an overwhelming feeling of, “you’re going to be ok.” Some people may think that’s completely disgusting. And those people would be right. But in the moment, I was just struck by how much he cared. By how concerned he was that I was sick. I was impressed at how immediately he was by my side, taking care of me. At the exact moment I needed him, he was there.

It’s not like I’m just having this realization. I have the most amazing, caring, sympathetic husband alive. He completely embodies Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep.” On the spiritual gifts survey, he’s off the chart in the area of mercy (where I, on the other hand, score a 5 because you have to at least give yourself 1 point for each answer). So I know who he is and how much he loves. But what an outstanding reminder I had this week. I’m so very thankful to have a husband who rushes to my side to comfort me. In sickness and in health.

PS (Just so we don’t seem too sappy and romantic)…Our conversation at about 4:00 AM went something like this:

ME: So at what point can you just take me to the hospital? (only slightly sarcastically)

Michael: Well at least you’re still able to make jokes.

ME: I’m not joking. (still only somewhat sarcastic)

Michael: Get some sleep honey.

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